Importance of critical early stage critical illness

Why not plan yourself like a home buyer who always takes life assurance when he is planning to take a mortgage. Today we don’t see a lot of people taking a financial protection which they know for sure that it won’t help them before they retire.  

Why can’t you take a financial protection on your health and prepare yourself like the home owner. The moment you take critical illness insurance your health is guaranteed. In case you’re diagnosed with a critical diseases such as cancer and heart attacks, the insurance would foot your entire medical bills on tax free basis. According to statistics you’re 5 times more likely to have a heart attack and cancer than for you to die before you attain the age sixty five.  

Why do you need critical illness insurance cover?      Today the life expectancy has increased and we have adopted lifestyles which aren’t healthy. This means in the next ten years we are likely to be diagnosed with critical illnesses such as, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and so on. This is why the critical insurance is vital.     Look at this scenario; you suffer from a critical illness that stops you from working. In this crisis maybe you’re the breadwinner and you have bills to pay what you will do. Critical illness insurance would give a huge chunk of money and it will be paid only when you’re diagnosed with a critical illness. This money will help you a lot to foot your bills when you’ve stopped working.  

Probably you’re a parent or your own parents are old and you’re supporting them what will you do if they are diagnosed with a critical disease. It is very important that you take a critical illness cover so that the money you’ll ,get would help you to continue supporting your children or your aged parents.   

What is the cost of early stage critical illness?  

Here is an example maybe you’re a thirty year old and maybe probably you don’t smoke. Let’s assume you’ve taken critical illness insurance and your sum assured is probably $75,000. Maybe your policy states that it would cover you until you attain seventy five years of age. This will add up to $1106.55.Imagine you’ll pay less amount of$100,000. When you compare the five years you’ll stay at home with a critical disease with no income vs. paying these premiums you’d better take the premiums because it’s worth it.   The critical illness insurance is divided into two namely:   Manulife Ready Complete Care   Additional Major Critical Illness Benefit   In Manulife Ready Complete Care you’ll be covered for exactly 106 conditions. One you’re diagnosed with a critical illness at any level you’ll be covered under this plan. What is the cost of early stage critical illness under this cover? Once you’re diagnosed you’ll be able to up to $ 250,000. If your critical illness is advanced you’ll pay $350,000.   Don’t shy away from taking critical illness insurance why? Because whether you’re a male or female between the ages of thirty to fifty years, your coverage amount is $500,000 and you’ll eligible to receive $100,000 after every claim and it is payable for five times.      Also if you’ve attained the age of seventy years, the coverage amount will be the same. So it’s always good to take the critical illness insurance and it’s going to benefit you plus your dependants. }els

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